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Afternoon Steel

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While a lot of you may be familiar with how open my schedule was last semester for fishing, this semester is a bit more hectic. However, I still have Wednesdays off so I decided to take the opportunity to get out fishing for steelhead, as recently they've been calling to me.

My pursuit of steelhead had been put on hold as of late. Until this past Sunday I had not set out to catch steelhead since early December. This past Sunday, however, a few friends and I decided that steelhead could use our collective attention. Thus, we set out and caught a few steelhead. At some point the camera came out, some video happened, and the end result was a hastily cobbled-together video. I know a lot of you have seen it, but for those that haven't, here it is:
[ame=""]Beating the Skunk HD on Vimeo[/ame]

So now I've become addicted to documenting our fishing trips via video. I picked up a polarizing filter for the camera and have been playing around with it, and next is a tripod so I can even get video while I'm out by myself (a photo later in this post shows one of the downsides of setting your camera on the ground). Maybe next time I'll actually produce a GOOD amount of tape so that I can edit it down to a reasonable end product, rather than plugging in a bunch of filler like my first video...

Fast forward to Wednesday, and I'm ready to get back out after some chrome. However, I decided to spend the morning playing with my faithful hound, Fianna:

So after she ran around and chased the tennis ball to her heart's content, I no longer felt guilty in abandoning her for a bit to fish.

My favorite part about fishing the local steelhead waters is how aesthetically pleasing they are:

The panorama above was actually a series of iPhone shots, merged using Photoshop. Technology continues to amaze me.
The water conditions were almost perfect, if a little bit low. Visibility was great, even though I did not see any fish. Blind-casting was the fare for the day, unfortunately. However, I was happy to do just that in the pockets around boulders punctuating the water's course. Not long into the excursion, my line felt the characteristic tug of an interested party. A hook-set and a short fight later, I brought a hen to hand. As this was my first time trying a self-timer fishing shot, and hurrying to return the fish to the water, I did not do so well clearing the field of vision or framing the shot well, but it achieved its basic purpose:

The rest of the time there was spent scouting the area for the next time I return (this was a new area for me) and taking photos of some natural wonders. Waterfalls are always eye-catching:

And especially when they freeze up:

Altogether, not a bad day for a scouting trip! In and out in about 3 hours, walked some good stretches of water, and even landed a fish. Now to figure out when I'm getting out there next...


  1. Ard's Avatar
    All of the streams from down there look familiar AJ but I don't think I've been there. You did a good job with the pictures and I am a dog lover so I understand that part too.