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Living in the "DACKS" part 2

journey to fly fishing

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Well here goes my first attempt at writting a blog. I wanted to share my journey of how I became a fly fisherman. I am 43 years old and this is my 2nd season fly fishing. I am not sure if you can consider me a fly fisherman just yet as I am still learning the ropes. My journey started about 5 years ago when I married the girl of my dreams and decided to move to the Adirondacks in New York. I am originally from a small town (Chateauguay) just off the island of Montreal. Canada. I fished with my Dad when I was a boy but as my brother and I started playing elite level soccer and hockey, fishing took a back seat. one year my dad bought a camper and we started camping at lake Meacham in the Adirondacks and I spent the next 10 summers playing in the woods. We lived only 50 miles from the border. Although my dreams were to play in the N.H.L there was something about the mountains and all the lakes and streams. I did alot of fishing in those 10 summers. I met my wife at this camp ground. While we were dating her father got me into hunting and hiking. Well I thought I was in heaven. I was trying very hard to balance my new sport of hunting with my dream of becomeing an NHLer. My wife (girlfriend at the time) decided that she to wanted to take a different path so we went our seperate ways. To make a long story short. I did try out for an NHL team and was cut, I played junior hockey for awhile. I got married and had 2 boys. Then got divorced. 15 years had gone by with not a single word to my dream girl when I decided out of the blue "I wonder what Kelly is up to" I wrote a note to her last known address and 5 days later got a phone call from her, I almost dropped the phone. She to was divorced and had a boy. Needless to say I was in the truck and headed south 50 miles to her house. 4 months later we were married and I was on my way to getting my permenant resident status. When I moved here I was reunited with hunting and fishing. I now rekindled my passion for these sports. I was out fishing one morning, early when I saw the flyfisher on the water. I just watched in amazement for 30 mins. I knew that I had to try this. I spoke with him and he was the most kind and generous man. He held out his rod and gave me instrution right then and there for about 1 hour. I was amazed and I knew that this was for me. He told me of a few fly shops so I headed out to Lake Placid, I took a fly fishing 101 class. I was given a $50.00 rebate on an Orvis Clearwater combo for taking the class. They set it all up for me and threw in a few flies and leaders and tippet. I would practice every day in our little pond we have at the house. Finally I took my first trip to the famed Au Sable river. I struggled for a few hours but then I met some other guys asking me how the fishing was, when I replied that I was skunked so far but that this was my first time, they took me under their wing and WOW. I caught my first speckled trout. I have fished about 100 times this season and love it. I am going to tie my own flies this winter. I was fortunate to meet someone but I will save that story for my next blog. Well that was my journey to becoming a fly fisher and my debut as a blog writer. I hope that you will continue to follow my adventures and let me know about how you got hooked into fly fishing.
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  1. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Glen,

    That is an interesting tale and quite the turn of fortune for you. I'm glad your here with us on the forum and will watch for more posts from you here.

  2. gzarboni's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragement Ard. I really enjoy this forum and all those who participate. Everyone makes you feel like your .02 cents matters and that makes asking questions or replying to threads so easy and fun. Getting to know others that share the same passion as you do and picking up some tips and education is a sweet deal.