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Part 5 of A Very Colorful Season;

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To say that I have been happy with some of the flies I've tied up over the past 10 months would be an understatement. The Salmon Fly Tie Along that we had with Allan here on the forum paid off in a big way. I stayed the course with the thread and one of the last patterns we made was the Jock O' Dee an old salmon recipe from Scotland I think. I hadn't used it or any of the other flies from the thread until that day when I met Roger on the creek. That day I had tied on the J. O' Dee because it looked like it might take on the color of young Grayling or Salmon that were plentiful in the shallows of the creek. All of the fish shown on the preceding page (part 4) were caught with that fly as well as the ones that will appear here and a bunch more before the fly sort of lost some feathers.

Here's the fly when it was new;


The fly was a natural fish catcher and these were some of the results it rendered.


The more I cast and swung the fly the more it caught. How bout the color and markings on that rainbow above.............


Here's a trout that was pretty nice and full of energy too, while I was fiddling around trying to get a photo he tossed off the hook and helped himself back to the run.


The river I have been hiking & fishing is absolutely beautiful and I would like to be there as I write this but alas I am not. if the weather holds out I may be fortunate enough to go again and will hopefully get some more of the treasures that are held in that cold clear flow. I'll close this out with some scenes from the days in a most beautiful place and after a few more days I'll post up the story and fish from Roger and I taking a trip up the Talkeetna River, hint, I got a really nice one that day...........




This last one was taken the day I met Roger in his Mokai on the creek, it's just plain pretty so I'm sticking it in.


I hope you enjoyed the short stories that explained the photos here, there are more fish and more landscapes but they will keep for another time. If you care to leave a comment they are always appreciated here.


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  1. jpbfly's Avatar
    Wonderful sceneries and fishThanks for sharing Ard !It was still 32C here yesterday which is absolutely abnormalit hasn't rained for weeks...there were two big fires in my area last week.Very worrying for streams and rivers.
  2. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: That was great, I loved the photos of fish and fall colors! Thanks for taking the time to put this series up in your blog, it was very enjoyable reading! You can really see how the leaves have fallen since the meeting with Roger. That Mokai kayak really looks like it would be useful in navigating up the creeks.

  3. milt spawn's Avatar
    Most excellent compilation Ard, loved it! That rainbow pictured above certainly is interesting, looks like a false eye, faint parr marks, and sans the flaming fins of the bows of the previous entries. Female perhaps? Thanx! Curious about this "nice one" from the Talk. milt.
  4. Ard's Avatar
    You guys know that I love seeing the replies here so I know what people think about the pictures and text. I'll get around to posting the fish from last weekend once I gather a few more.

    Thanks for posting,

  5. littledavid123's Avatar
    You have put forth some serious effort Ard to entertain and leave us with a sense of awe of the bountiful lands you call home. I appreciate the time spent putting this together and congratulate you for the fine prose and photos.

    Where's my

  6. Liphookedau's Avatar
    Hi Ard.
    Some Beaut Fish as well as the terrific scenery,makes tying the figety Salmon Flies worth it.
    Thanks & Cheers.
  7. oarfish's Avatar
    Reading your posts reminds me of a brother writing home to fill in his family of his treasures and finds, pictures were fantastic. I wish I had as much salmon in the freezer as you do; I had a poor year on the bay for kings but enough for smoking for holiday gifts. Taking a break from some wood splitting with a little lunch and just wanted to drop a note, well Im back to the pile before rain makes its way to us.