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Part 3 of A Very Colorful Season;

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Before moving on to other places I'll show you just a few more of the fish that were caught close to home along with some other pictures that were taken on the trips.

The fall is always time to stay vigilant because as the waters drop and the salmon are in the river in numbers there are others on the prowl for them as well. Boss and I caught a glimpse of the sow and cub who left tracks all over the sand bars but never did they hang around for a photo op. The track is paralleled by that of my size 13 wading sandal.

I was reluctant to photograph a fully turned male Coho but this one took 'Ard's Nine Three' on an 8 pound tippet and raised some fuss about coming to shore so I could have my fly back. I measured the rod and it looks like a 32-33" male in prime spawn condition showing no fin rot or severe deterioration. I don't know what it weighed but you can do this with a 1979 Orvis Far & Fine 5 weight and a Hardy Featherweight if you have to. He swam away no worse to wear after this quick glory shot was taken.

There he goes!

After the big guy more trout were caught but unless they looked over 14" I just left them go with little ado. This one however was a nice one but as I tried to get ready for an in the water shot he threw the hook and checked out with no close up picture, I would guess 16 - 17" and real healthy looking. I saw some big fish but thus far haven't got any of them to shore.

These two pictures represent the end of the day on 2 different trips. It has been quite a year for taking pictures. I will get more and better photos as soon as I figure out how to fund the purchase of a Sigma 8-16 mm lens

It's sad to see the change come and it comes quick now. We lose 5 minuets 50 seconds of daylight every 24 hours now so the glory days are about to end. I hold out hope for that last crack at the bright silvers still entering the Kenai but the 20* weather that greats you at day break is not a plus for me. I'm way past the years where I thought that was cool, now I understand that it's just plain cold Still I'll give it that one last try before flushing out the outboard and covering the river boat until next year.

We haven't even got to the new creeks and rivers stuff yet so you need to close this entry and go to part 4 below this one.


  1. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: Another great blog post with some awesome fall colors and great looking fish. That coho was huge, congrats!

  2. gunner's Avatar
    Man, I never get tired of coming back and looking at your photos multiple times. You have a way with words and the camera (of course, the scenery helps too.) Keep 'em coming. Have a good summer.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much for your always kind compliments, I am working on pictures and travels for the spring season here now. The kings are giving me reason to wander the rivers and I am about to leave to go hunting them right now. I hope to put together some photos and text about this first run soon.