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Part 2 of A Very Colorful Season;

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll post one more from the Valdez trip before we move on to the high country.

The next few pictures are from the streams that have been part of this fall and of course some of the fish who added their colors to that of the foliage and blue skies to finish the pallet of color before the coming of the white.

These two large male Sockeye were engaged in a pretty serious duel over the spawning rights with a hen who was busy at digging out a nest bed just above where this fracas took place.

Later in the pages here you will see Silver salmon in their full spawning splendor, although they are similar to the sock's there are definite differences between the two. I never target turned fish who are about the business of spawning but I do trout fish and even a small wet fly will attract the fish that I now call Coho because of their color change. This next picture would make a book cover or magazine cover had it been shot in portrait format rather than landscape but it is a beauty anyway.

After the alpine trek I went to my home waters for some trout.

Along with catching some trout came at least 30 salmon, now here's a problem everyone should have. The fish have begun to turn but they were in many phases of the transition. What they are is aggressive and it's actually hard to keep them off the fly.

Those are all different salmon as far as I can tell. You get into an area where they all sort of look alike and sometimes you get them every other cast. Remember, you are fishing for trout with that little rod and an 8 pound leader so you are not trying to get 5-10 pound fish to grab the fly unless they are trout. I will say this, with the trout interspersed with so many salmon they are hard to find and when you do a salmon usually beats them to the punch. I'm not complaining here, the Coho make for an interesting day especially if at the end of the day you haven't seen another person and you have no idea of how many fish you caught. It's like having a really good day casting dry flies to trout where at the end of the day you kinda have to guess at what you caught in numbers. I can't give you numbers because I just don't know.............

Now it's time to move on down to part 3


  1. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: Another group of great photos and fish! The Alaskan landscape is just awesome to look at, thanks!

  2. dmwphoto's Avatar
    that first image is spectacular! fantastic blog I must say.
  3. mbphotos54's Avatar
    way too awsome.
  4. Ard's Avatar
    Getting these comments from you guys is what leads to future entries on these pages. I hope you find your way back through the pages to see more of the images and read some of the stories.

    Thanks for your comments,