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Part 2 of An Essay About Forums;

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About one and a half years into my being a member, The North American Fly Fishing Forum was acquired by Fish & Fly LTD of the UK. And since then our membership grew form a few thousand to 29,600 and is getting larger every day. As all of the changes that came with becoming part of a global network of online publications began to take affect the administration felt that adding an Alaskan section to the site would perhaps be popular with the members. I was quite surprised when I was contacted and ask if I would establish Alaskan threads and topics. Currently we have 79 active sub forums within the NAFFF site with topics ranging from casting, tying and general discussions to regional forums and a live chat for our members to use. All of these features have helped to make the NAFFF one of the premier fly fishing information exchanges on the web. We continue to build an active group of members who seem to fit right in and I believe that is due to the overall tone of the posting on the site. We have avoided many of the manifestations that present themselves on other such sites. Being a general fly fishing forum keeps it simple, we talk fishing and don’t dedicate too much banter to the more elaborate aspects of the sport. Beginners who join find an amazing number of people who offer sound useable advice on startup rods and reels, fly tying tools, and common sense materials for the beginner to build their skills with. Through active participation by the members and moderators the site is kept free of problems and the discourse on all of our threads is the most civil and respectful that I know of with a membership of the size we have.
When I was approached with the prospect of writing an article about the forum I was ask if during the time of my membership I could mention any “quirky” aspects that pop up on the forum. With all that I have said it seems I have written an endorsement for joining the group and honestly the quirky things are few and far between on the forum. We have some people that join who obviously are not fly fishers but when the members spot these posters we just keep an eye peeled for proper decorum in their posts. The things that happen most on a site like ours are spam attacks or hot link insertions that direct members to all sorts of places on the www. Spammers will join and then post some sort of content to every open forum section all of which either advertise a product or some strange topic that has nothing to do with fly fishing. Another frequent flyer is the new member who has not noticed that we have requirements for members who wish to solicit business through their threads or posts. We have next to zero when it comes to people being argumentative, or posting off topic and controversial material so actually we have a really quiet town there. Some topics do expose different opinions but people just don’t come unglued over things often at all. If you could use some social outreach regarding fly fishing whether you have questions or are a giver of answers you may want to try a forum out.

So there you have it, the good, the bad & the ugly of my forum experiences. If you want to find me out there on the net try a visit to the North American Fly Fishing Forum and you’ll find me there without the lions or any armor, I’ll be around.

The Real Skinny is written by:

Ard Stetts aka Hardyreels

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  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Two key words from your essay Ard, civility and decorum. Kudos! milt.
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Thanks Milt,

    I try, the piece was written along with a sister article about wet fly fishing in and through the worst that the weather has been able to offer me here. Both writings were way too long of script and rather than condense my thoughts I politely and graciously thanked the people for asking me to submit them and quietly saved them away to the Word Doc. files . One of these days I'll post the Wet Fly story
  3. littledavid123's Avatar
    A good post sir. It is always interesting to take a view of our forum from a distance and watch the inner working of its members. A great group of people willing to share their joy of fly fishing with others. Dave
  4. fyshstykr's Avatar
    Thank You Ard, pretty much sums it up for me.
  5. dean_mt's Avatar
    Ard, I remember how I stumbled upon the NAFFF. I had to fixed a broken guide on my rod for an annual 4 day fishing weekend with an out-of-town friend. I didn't have access to a rod turner and needed advice, fast. I found similar threads on the forum via a google search so decided to create an account. Like you, I fumble for creative screen names, I think I'd had a couple beers that evening and decided on Dean as an alias because it is also the alias of one of my favorite real-life, fictionalized characters. The "mt", I thought at the time, was a clever abbreviation for Moriatry, and also referenced my location. Pretty bad, I know. And now the cat is out of the bag!

    I posted a question regarding my dilemma and received a bunch of comments and advice, very quickly. I got the rod fixed in time after paying as much to FedEx as the cost of the turner...

    I came back after that positive experience. First on occasion, then more and more. It's been a year and half.
    I frequent very few blog / forum type of sites and participate in exactly two, this being one of them. This forum is a great community. No doubt about it.

    Thanks for the good work, Ard and all the rest of the mods here.

    Dean aka John
  6. Ard's Avatar
    I'll remember you now by thinking of John Dean, rings a bell huh................ I remember your first post and I think I was one of the replies, not quite sure though.

    Too bad the article was too long, I figured it would boost our membership when people read it.

    Thanks to all of you for leaving a comment.
  7. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: Excellent article, sums up my feeling about the forum as well and thanks for all your hard work to make the forum what it is!