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Sun Flares & The Northern Lights;

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Tonight may be the night that I photograph the Aurora. I have long wished for a good show and to have the time to go looking for a good vantage point for photos. Many times when I have seen displays I did not have a camera with. Other times I had camera but no tripod, I'll take both tonight / early tomorrow and try to get some shots.

It sounds easy but it is not. First you must be dedicated to doing it; second you need to face the fact that it will be around -10 up north where I'll go to do it. By dedicated I mean setting the alarm for 2:30 AM and then warming the car - driving about 40 miles north into the mountains, and then setting up the equipment Sounds like a good time to me........... I hope it works out because I'll post them here if it does. Many times it is the entire sky which glows green and pink and not the pulsing bands / ribbons that you are more familiar with seeing in photos. I'll shoot whatever is up there, I'll go to the north to escape any glow from the lights of Anchorage, Palmer, or Wasilla, to take the pictures. Although the towns are some distance away the lights reflecting into the sky mess up viewing the sky show from home.

I did OK but have been trying to get better pictures since I made the original entry.

Eventually the displays were directly overhead with plenty of pinks and purples. Everything glowed green or magenta when they were going wild!



  1. dharkin's Avatar
    I say you stop crying like a little girl.--- get out of bed, get in the car, drive to where you have to go, and get me some photos young man!
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Alright I forgot I put some there and will add more as I get them.

  3. dharkin's Avatar
    OK, You Win.

    I have a deal for you.........You pay my air fair and pick me up at the airport.......In return, I will wake you up anytime you want and drive your truck to any location you want during these displays.......In return, I promise to call you my best friend.........Yes??????

    All kidding aside, those are some amazing photos and thanks for sharing.
  4. cattech89's Avatar
    Please don't ever stop sharing. For those of us who don't have the opportunity to visit and see such amazing natural beauty, we live vicariously through you.
    Thank you.
  5. Ard's Avatar
    I took a few more runs north trying to improve on the pictures but all were dry runs with no displays. I'm told by a fellow photog type that they are showing now between 4:00 and 6:00 AM so I'll try again in early AM hours.

    I'm happy to hear you liked the sight of it,

  6. webrx's Avatar
    Way cool Ard.

  7. littledavid123's Avatar
    Good stuff Ard, Rhonda and I were fortunate enough to see the Aurora from Montana once. Didn't realize what it was til the next day when some locals asked if we had seen it.

  8. dharkin's Avatar
    I saw some Northern lights on my way to Iraq via military transport in 2004 but nothing like this. Thanks Ard.
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  9. markg52's Avatar
    Awesome Ard! Thanks for sharing!
  10. wt bash's Avatar
    I don't have the vocabulary to properly comment but WOW! Utterly amazing, I would have a constant krink in my neck living up there!