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Page 3 of Short Runs & etc;

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Here are some of the pictures I took in the town, it was once a thriving town fueled by the huge copper deposits along the river but now is pretty desolate some 100 years later.

The construction and the weathered wood of the Emporium attest to its age as well as the many pictures displayed inside the Hotel.

The art store was an interesting stop and Nancy got a new wool and fleece hat there, with the weather conditions it was a timely find.

The Hotel has been there since the beginning but like everything else in Chitna, it's for sale....

Across the road from the Hotel is a field with a few of these hidden in the growth. I liked the look of this in the antique style.

I returned to Chitna one week later for 3 days to try my hand and back at dip netting sockeye in the canyon. I will write about that experience in a blog entry later this year. I found the whole experience to be unpleasant.

I'm going to make a page #4 now and take you across the Denali Highway

Time to turn the page........