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Page 4 of Short Runs - The Denali

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If you're going to take a trip here you might as well make a go of it. We left Chitna and passed Glenallen to turn left at Paxton onto the denali Highway. I'll just post up some pictures and caption them.

There were more of these to be found along the way;

And plenty of these;

Again the enormity of this place defies the mind, I've seen the whole of our North American Continent but Alaska is something else!

This is the birth place of the SuSitna River, way back in those mountains lie the Susitna Glacier system. From here the river flows 313 miles to the sea. I fish the tributary rivers and creeks at many points along its course.

I could go on and on with the pictures and writings but I will let it go for now. I have been fishing and doing well at it also. Soon I'll make some entries with pictures of the rivers and fish where I am camping and traveling by boat.

The trip I just posted was taken with Nancy and my older brother Tom, who was here for a month with us. We saw to it that he went home with plenty of stories and photos to show & tell. Here they were at Whittier where page one began, Tom getting ready to take a picture and Nancy looking just plain happy for a nice day.

This is how the trip ended for me; with a rod clamped to the front of the truck looking for just a few more grayling..........

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  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Best blog I've ever read. milt.
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Thanks Milt,

    I don't know if it's a real blog but it provides a set of threads where I can show some of the stuff that we do. next week fysh and Mrs. fysh are coming to catch salmon for 10 days. That should supply more material for another set of entries.
  3. jpbfly's Avatar
    Thanks a lot Ard for sharing all this with us
  4. Ard's Avatar
    I'm so glad to get your comments JP, I'll do another in a couple weeks.
  5. littledavid123's Avatar
    Excellent job once again Ard. I know it is a lot of work to put together such a blog, and as a member of the forum I would like to thank you for allowing us into your backyard.

  6. gunner's Avatar
    As usual, a most excellant tale and photos. You do an excellant job for Alaska tourism -- definitely makes even this old guy want to come up for a visit.
    Sometime this winter, I'd like to see photos of what your winter is like -- gotta be clear as a bell sky but cold as all get out. How deep does the snow get where you are? Are you far enough north that you have days with no sun?
    Looking forward to your next series.