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Part 3, Trouble In Paradise;

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I spent the remainder of July and the first week of August fishing and scouting for some salmon. What I was doing was getting ready for company again, this time it was some people from this Forum! John & Pam Page, fysh & mrs. fysh, came to Alaska this year. Although I've seen better years to try to impress anyone with the fishing we all had fun and they seemed to be catching fish despite the conditions. Speaking of conditions we had wonderful weather while they were here and of that I was happy. To have foul weather and poor fishing at the same time leaves a lot to be explained. Anyway, with that new motor that took forever to get I was ready for passengers so we logged some river miles right off.

With Nancy & Boss riding point we went to find some fish.

Either John or Pam must have snapped this while we were sailing up the river. I didn't see it happen but got it in an e-mail.

Once we got to a good spot there was the ceremonial rigging of fly rods to be done and John and I were hard into it here.

Once everyone was rigged Pam went exploring the tail of the run and as you can see Boss had already decided she looked like someone who may slip him a cheese burger later. He was very busy trying to watch over everyone when we would split up. He had to run back and forth on the shore to keep tabs on the group.

John & Pam both use the Spey rods and they were pretty happy casting away everywhere we went.

In that particular run John hit pay dirt with a beautiful male sockeye taken on a swinging salmon fly!

The fish was no worse the wear after being brought to bay quickly and swam away strong.

John was the only hero on the river that day and considering the low number of fish counted at the wier at that time, he caught a very special salmon.

After a few dry runs on another river that led to this kind of behavior, we did a road trip.

Like I said the weather was good and yes, those people are napping in the boat............

On to Part 4, the road trips


  1. mcnerney's Avatar
    Very nice fish John, congrats!
  2. mrs_fysh's Avatar
    There are a couple photos there I hadn't seen yet Ard. Thanks for posting them.

    You blew the cover on mine and Boss' relationship... He followed me into the woods and napped with me. And his instinct was right, I think I might have been guilty of slipping him some dinner a time or two.

    Those pics made me miss my buddy... Scratch his ears for me, he's about as good as they get.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    Hey Pam,

    He's laying right beside the rocker as I type this but then you know he is never far. He had his checkup at the vet a couple weeks back and is weighing 85 pounds now! All those burgers and dogs are building him up.

    He's my friend
  4. mrs_fysh's Avatar
    85 pounds is great! He is definitely a guardian, what a good boy.
  5. Ard's Avatar
    Well he's eat'en good here ya know, and he's pounding down two big meals a day. It took him a couple months to get back on track after my trip to PA. and then all the road trips while my brother was here. He's a strange dog about having his life disrupted.