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Part 4, Touble In Paradise;

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We did quite a bit of traveling both on the water & the roads trying hard to find the salmon who proved to be elusive this past season. While Pam did well on some char and trout we came up short on finding her a salmon.

Here's Pam sneaking up on what looked like a great place to find a steelhead in this small river.

And John upstream enjoying the river and the Fireweed in bloom.

These were good days to stop and take in the beauty because we were short of things to whoop and holler about. No one got skunked here but none of us found anything of great size either. I got into one spot and believe I caught a dozen char without shuffling my feet so it was fun for all.

We stopped and fished some bigger water as we made our way back toward home. Here are the tow of them on a stretch of the upper Kenai. Again, no one was skunked but we couldn't connect with those silvers anywhere.

John had a thing going for having spawner's slam his fly. No one was sight fishing due to depth but he kept hooking up. This is an interesting shot from Pam's camera because when I first saw it I thought, "what are they doing"? Turns out I musta tailed that one for the hot hand.

And with the sockeye, who says they don't bite. Sometimes I have trouble keeping them off the hook, this was not one of those days.

Pam kept busy when she hit a hot spot working around the point bar of the run.

This is a different fish as she moved on a little.

Then came the mystery fish, bright and strong. It could have been a stray silver or a really big rainbow but we'll never know because it came unbuckled before we could really see it. The struggle to bring it to shore lasted a couple minuets and then just ended...... There was plenty of excitement (John & I screaming out our best advice) but the lady kept her head and did everything right. I really wanted to see her drag whatever bent that big rod to the shore.

All told it was pretty fun we even got some sun the next day down there. Although it threatened rain we had it dry all the way!

We went back down there for another couple days and camped over, all through the trip we hammered the Burgers on the grill and lived pretty well. it was a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing them again or some others from here as well.

I'll post these and then take up the remainder of the season from when those guys went home until today.


  1. fyshstykr's Avatar
    Boy does this ever bring back the memories of the trip Ard, we had a great time with you, Boss, and Nancy when she was able to be with us, next time she's gotta call in sick or something. I've been lagging behind in getting a story or two done for the blog but will get it done very soon.

    You never told me what you thought about the pics I took when you guys were snoozing on the boat. Ol' Boss sure cuddled up to Pam when it was nap time. He's a great friend to have along.

    By the way, you forgot to tell about your "hair raising" experience on the Kenaii....
  2. milt spawn's Avatar
    Great stories and pics Ard! Looks like a good time had by all despite difficult fishing. I assume Fysh did not wear the helmet cam? milt.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Milt,

    Nope, the action just wasn't demanding of a film crew

    The Bear encounter will come with another entry John. I was pretty played out when I got done moving / editing all the photos and forming some text for this as it is .

    A couple guys got tangled up with a bear last week down there. One was hospitalized and the other just chewed up a bit. The bear took off after the encounter and since no one was killed and the bear booked I figure it's gone. I don't know the exact area but the report said a remote section, meaning a few miles from any bridges and they were on the right facing down stream.
  4. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: Another great story and even better photography, congrats!
  5. mrs_fysh's Avatar
    Great great memories Ard. Thanks for sharing your writing.

    I still giggle about you and John screaming your best advice at me while trying to land that big one. It made for an exciting end to the night, even without the fish on the bank.

    The day we caught all those little char was fun, beautiful little spot we fished, one of my favorite days.

    Good times, great friends... HUGS to all three of you.
  6. Ard's Avatar

    Funny thing, when I think about that trip all I focus on was me doing the Arnold voice yelling to John, "John, wait you forgot the Bounty, it's the quickerpickerupper, it'll clean up any mess you can make" as he ran into the woods

    Now that was funny! Remember how many times I tried to finish the words but got laughing so hard all I could do was laugh? Every now and then I holler that in my best broken Austro-English just because it's funny
  7. jpbfly's Avatar
    Been looking forward to this report for a while...and I'm not disappointed.Great report and picsI'm glad you guys and gals had a good time...looks like Boss enjoyed himself tooI'd like to know what Pam and Nancy were doing while you were having a nap on the boat?Hope they were not cooking or doing the washing up!!!
    Updated 11-21-2012 at 02:50 AM by jpbfly
  8. Ard's Avatar
    You need to go back and study that picture closely JP, That is Pam laying on the bow deck with Boss curled up right beside her
  9. mrs_fysh's Avatar
    Ard: I was laughing so hard at "Ardold" I was crying and trying to concentrate on not peeing my waders. I will never look at a roll of paper towels in the same way.

    Good times!!!
  10. jpbfly's Avatar
    Sorry....I'm getting old and wasn't wearing my glassesnow I see....