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A Quick Note To Readers;

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For those who are wondering when there will be some new stuff....... It'll be a long winter and I'm headed to the cabin right after Christmas. While there I'm off the grid but I generally take pictures and snowshoe the back country. There should be something to talk about when I return.


PS. Many don't leave comments so I haven't any idea if these postings are being enjoyed or not. If you would at least be so kind as to use the "Rate This Entry" located at the top right of each entry I would know if I should keep writing and posting pictures here.

Thank You


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    No satellite internet @ the lake Ard? milt.
  2. Ard's Avatar
    We could have it but it would detract from the whole of it unless we lived out there.
  3. mcnerney's Avatar

    Have a safe trip out to the cabin and keep the blog coming, I really enjoy your writing!

  4. Ard's Avatar
    I won't leave until after Christmas Larry, I'm happy that I'm not riding out there today Dec. 16, it's -2 here at home and the way the weather always works that means it'll be -12 or lower on the Yetna. There has not been a time when I spoke to Nancy (phone from cabin to Wasilla) that the temperature was not about 11 - 14 degrees different between the 2 places. Colder in winter and often warmer in summer. The summer differences are sometimes not as extreme.
  5. gunner's Avatar
    I tried that RSS feed but must not have something set correctly as I get some computer coding instructions in purple and then your script in black type in one long long paragraph but no photos (there is the link for each photo, just not the photo).