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Some Photographs From Out At The Cabin;

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It took until March 18th at 2:30 AM before I saw a display of the Aurora but I was dressed and outside by 3:00 and then took the snowmachine out to the back field to get some shots.

The show lasted for hours and I made many changes of lens's and settings as I enjoyed the -14* morning air.

Shooting to the north east you see them streaming over Mt. Yenlo. When they are streaming overhead everything gets green.

After a while I drove back to the cabin and finished the night. This was taken from in front of the cabin looking north by west.

And this one looking back at the cabin silhouetted by the sky.

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  1. markg52's Avatar
    Wowzers, those are incredible shots! Thanks for sharing!
  2. jaybo41's Avatar
    Ard, those are some beautiful shots of your photography skills. Your skills behind the lens are on par with your skills at the vise. Most excellent, thanks for sharing.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    The days are so long now (April 24) that there is little chance of seeing them again before October. Kinda sad in a way but I don't mind it being light at midnight all that much. Soon the ice will go out the rivers and I'll be able to reach those trout again.
  4. gunner's Avatar
    Man, at least once I want to see those in person! Thanks for taking the time to take and post them.
  5. sumojo's Avatar
    Some Awesome photos Ard thanks sharing them.
    Thanks Joseph
  6. Ard's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments fellas,

    March and October are prime times but the displays are fickle, they could be active 4 nights in a row or absent.

    The very best destination for viewing would be Fairbanks AK. it will be very cold but they are seen to some degree almost every night up there. Someday when I have advanced warning of a major solar flare I am going to make the 300 mile drive up there to shoot photos. Only 300 miles further north but it makes a huge difference for seeing good displays.

    The really big shows are very good from the cabin or up around Talkeetna for me but if you were visiting I say go further north.

  7. random user's Avatar
    Colors and patterns and trails - OH MY!

    (They told me I would stop seeing stuff like this once college was over.)
    Updated 05-19-2013 at 12:07 AM by random user