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It Wasn't All Northern Lights;

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In early January Nancy got herself a new Ski Doo Skandic Super Widetrack snowmachine. After riding it out she took my Tundra LT back when she went home and left me this to test out.

I was amazed at how these things will crawl through the thick woods over 4 - 5 feet of powder snow. They have a 156" long by 24" wide track under them that is like a giant snowshoe. The skies are 10.5" wide and so the skis float right on top also.

Boss and I took our share of quiet walks on the trails I had packed with the 2 machines and along the way a few pictures happened.

Snow drifts on the lake after a big wind storm;

An old twisted and gnarled spruce stump bears witness to the hard times endured by everything that lives and grows in Interior Alaska.

The sunset on this day lent itself to everything I took a second look at.

Once we hit the field just behind the cabin Boss had some fun just running through the snow. I always tell him how he's got it made getting to do all these things and I know he really enjoys being out there.

This was sunset on the same day when we got back. There were more dark & gray days than sunny but they made the sunny ones all the more special.

This last shot was taken after Nancy had returned and then rode the big fat daddy Skcandic back home. I was beginning to build my second wood pile and had my tundra back.

I just purchased that machine last October so it too is new here. Like the Skandic it has a long track but this one is 16" wide. it is longer and the machine is lighter with the same 10.5" skis up front. I can go about anywhere on this thing and haul a load if need be.


  1. jaybo41's Avatar
    More beautiful photos Ard! I've seen a couple of the others in some of the posts on the forum but there are a few new to me photos here. I'm always fond of seeing photos of Boss. He looks like a natural in the Alaskan snow.
  2. gunner's Avatar
    Beautiful country to be sure, but I don't know how you handle the winters! Brrrrrrr!
  3. gzarboni's Avatar
    Awesome photos. I am trying to convince the wife to take a trip to Alaska