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Mother moose Shot in Denali Park, 2 Calves Orphaned;

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If you read the story about my 2012 encounter with a brown bear you know that it came down to spraying the bear with Counter Assault Bear Spray and I am alive and well.

I heard this on the radio and looked it up this evening; Moose shot near Denali National Park visitor center | Alaska Dispatch

Sorry, but I would never shoot a momma moose with 2 babies, period. I think the legalization of carrying guns in Denali is a mistake. It is a National Park, one of the only places in Alaska where wildlife is protected. If people are afraid to go there without packing I don't think they should go, period. I'm not some sissy who is anti gun, anti hunting, hardly the case. I am also not some Bush or Park Rambo who is ready to cap the first animal that fails to run at my approach. I've had them close to me, and if ever I have to deal with a pissed off momma moose I'll bet you my life the bear spray will turn her too.

Don't think for a minute that I've never came into contact with a momma moose and calves. I have had mothers warn me but never shot one. I have never been too close to a moose and that is probably because I've always backed off and slipped away without incident.

No I don't have many pictures because I knew better than to hang around a dangerous situation.

I find the news Reprehensible and disturbing.


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Sad story Ard. And wasn't last year a record for moose struck and killed on AK roads and highways? I can understand the man protecting his family, but a little awareness and bear spray would be a preferable option IMO. milt
  2. dean_mt's Avatar
    I agree 100% with your statement that if one is too afraid to hike into a National Park without being armed then they have no business being there. Period.

    It was a cowardly act when Congress caved to the pressure of the gun lobby and allowed firearms in the Parks. Period. A National Park is statistically one of the safest places a person can be.
  3. Ard's Avatar
    Maybe I'm a hard a-s-s but, I've seen way too many 'townies' with magnums who act like they are viewing squirrels in a city park when they come upon an 800 - 1200 pound moose or a brown bear.

    Last years demonstration when the guy from California ran across a Toklat Grizzly 3.5 miles from the trail head was a grim testament of sorts. However, he had no gun, no spray, and although he was so far in the bush, he still closed his range on a foraging bear while taking pictures.

    I've seen people approach moose with their cameras to their eye while encroaching. I once went on a back country ORV trip with a guy fresh here from Mississippi. He wore a 44 magnum in some strange chest holster on the ride. I told him that if he were going to un holster the weapon and not warn me I would leave him on his own.

    He pictured himself an outdoorsman but without the Polaris 2 seat buggy he was driving he would be pretty helpless in the back country. He had a bear story for me about him and his gun.............

    Funny thing, because I don't wear bandoleers of ammo draped across my chest like Stallone most of the city types I meet think I'm either crazy or anti gun.
  4. mcnerney's Avatar
    Wow, that was a sad story indeed. Here is a perfect example where bear spray would have been much preferred and a momma moose would still be alive.
  5. jaybo41's Avatar
    Ard, that's an unfortunate and sad story. I'm in full agreement with your sentiments. No need to pack in a National Park, but even worse to take the mother and leave the 2 babies behind is a disgusting display of humanity and a complete lack of sportsmanship to say the very least. How terribly sad on many levels.
  6. Ard's Avatar
    There are a mother moose & 2 calves hanging around the cabin right now. I believe they will be safe unless a bear discovers them. I haven't seen many traces of bears except over on one of the creeks where there is a bunch of Black Bear poop around. No sign of Brown Bears but I keep the spray handy at all times.
  7. oarfish's Avatar
    I’ve read the story and can not believe that this person shot a magnificent animal like this in the first place and second did not dispatch it and waited 15 minutes for a ranger to finish his dirty work, hand guns have no place in national parks.

    32 years ago I was outside of Anchorage visiting my god father who was coming to the end of his days; he was living on his brother’s property 50 + acres with a little lake in a mobil home, he had asked me to help him clear the snow out from under neath one of the homes awnings so we could build a fire in his pit a cook an outdoor meal, well removed the snow and built up a berm to keep the wind out and got a fire going in his pit, headed inside for the bottle and meat and on walking out and starting to burn the meat we heard the snort behind us, it was a moose cow, we kept calm as well as she did, we enjoyed the encounter, they are magnificent animals, she lived.

  8. gunner's Avatar
    If one goes to a national park to see wildlife, then be prepared for close encounters that are not fatal to one side or the other. This should not have happened. Seems like dad needed a gun to feel like a man.
    IMHO it was a mistake to allow firearms in the parks unless one is hiking the backcountry alone, and even then, bear spray would be the better way to go.

    Don't know how to "rate" this story -- it's a terrible thing, but needs to be discussed or the laws will never be changed to something more appropriate.
  9. Ard's Avatar
    I haven't heard anything more about the situation at this time.

    I should say that I have ran into cows with calves in some pretty tight spots over the years and always got away without pi ssing momma off. In each case the cow made it clear that I was on notice and I got out and away safe.

    Whatever, it's good to see that you guys agree that this was perhaps an overreaction.
  10. rockriver's Avatar
    The retired Chief of Police in Ishpeming did the same thing and a little more.
  11. rockriver's Avatar