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More About Streamer Fishing; Part 2

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This relates back to the time spent studying how your fly reacts to your line manipulations. Having this kind of knowledge is really important if you want to catch fish because you know how. We all catch fish by accident sometimes regardless of what we know. What I am telling you is simple and it is true. After you have finished reading this you will know that it made sense. Nothing looks more like food to a brown trout than a well tied feather wing streamer when properly handled. The practice exercise I described may sound simple but try finding anyone who has ever really done it with the intention of learning & understanding how the fly really reacts to the manipulative controls they apply via the rod & line. Learning these things does not take long and the knowledge you will gain will improve your ability to control a fly. Different currents and depths always confront you with new challenges and some spots are all but impossible to fish a fly through but really knowing what you are doing is the key to success in most circumstances.

As a closing note on this, I have another habit that I will share. You know how it becomes common knowledge on a river of "what they are taking" well if the word is that guys are using buggers or zonkers that is my first clue not to do the same. Why would I want to show a 6 year old brown trout something it has seen many times and perhaps been hooked on before? This was the primary reason for my developing the fly I called The Answer. I wanted to show something that looked like food and that I was absolutely sure the guy that was fishing my spot the day before had not been using. Think about that too, fish are not smart but they do become conditioned. Whatever you choose to throw at them I always do these two things, make that fly ‘be’ alive and show them something different!

Different is where the Feather Wing Streamers like the nine Three really shine.


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Good tips, always something to learn from you Ard. milt
  2. duker's Avatar
    Thanks for the posts Ard. Lots of helpful tips.

  3. gunner's Avatar
    Excellent insights. Hope you have a good winter; stay safe and warm.
  4. mcnerney's Avatar
    Ard: Excellent tips on how to learn to manipulate a streamer.
  5. Ard's Avatar
    I'm glad if these things make sense. You guys know how this fishing thing works, there are millions of people doing it and tens of thousands who are expert. All I can tell people in order to be helpful is what I've found works for me.

    When we consider 'what works for someone' it also involves being entertained and engrossed in the activity of fishing I think. When you begin to really think about how to present a streamer and how to be in the right place when you try, it gets into your head. It becomes more than just catching or not, it's more about knowing you did everything as best as you could.

    In the end that's all we have some days streamer fishing, doing the best you could. Some days you get the big reward and others send you home scratching your head and wondering what you did wrong. I enjoy it either way because I can get deep into what I'm trying to do regardless of what happens.

    I'll write more about this over the winter.