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I am new to the blog game and will begin with the news of 12/15/2010. For the past 30 hours my home has been pounded by high winds. Wind storms are not uncommon this close to the ocean inlet but this one has been particularly ferocious. I woke several times during the night to the sounds of tree limbs landing on the roof of the house. By three AM the power was out and the wood stove was struggling to keep the house at 60*. Morning reveals that the back lawn is nearly stripped of the snow that was there and limbs and sticks are everywhere. Most of the trees that were week came down with a storm in October but more are down today. Electricity was restored at 7:00 AM and soon I must go outside and start removing the 2' snow drift that has deposited at the west side of the house. Our front door opens to the drive which is on the west side. The drift comes right up to the door and covers the porch. Unbelievable that any of the Birch trees are still standing it as it continues while I write this. I will shift my writing to fishing and traveling when the mess I have to clean up is attended to.