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I need a favor from you Blog readers;

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Hello Readers,

Please rate the entries or leave a brief comment for me. The reason is simple, if I think people enjoy reading what I'm writing I will tell more stories. If there is little feedback I have little incentive to spend time writing here. I hope you can understand this request and that you will give some feedback to me.

Thank You,


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  1. Davo's Avatar

    You have a great style for sharing you adventures!! I for one enjoy them all and sincerely hope you continue to share them here in the blog section!! You style of story telling allows the reader to live vicariously through your words adventure they might not other wise enjoy!! Keep up the great work!!

    Your truly
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Jeez Dave,

    Thank you so much for that, coming from a person with your experience that means a great deal to me to read a comment like this.

  3. jpbfly's Avatar
    Ard,I always enjoy reading your posts , listening to you when we chat on skype and watching your pics,hope I can catch my first salmon with you some're a talented story tellerand for sure not a bad ...flyfisherman
  4. cattech89's Avatar
    I know this is a little late in coming, but I know I was one of the most excited individuals when I found out you were writing a blog. I have anxiously awaited all of your posts and have read them with keen interest.
    Keep 'em coming.....