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The Eve of the trip

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I have not blogged before and am not sure how much I'll follow through with it, but if any event calls for some writing, its this. The eve of my annual trout fishing trip. I figure my bud (Chiflyfisher) and I have been fishing together for trout and steelhead for nearly 20 years. Wow, where has the time gone?

When we first started together, our fishing was more of a modest trip and we were using spinning gear. Our local stream on the first few weekends of opening day, take a few trout and watch the NFL Draft was our annual ritual. Back then, we had just gotten to know one another. His family had a camp in the Allegheny National Forest and eventually I got to make the trek there with him to fish. We did this for a number of years, even after he had moved to Chicago.

We eventually evolved to fly fishing and I started tying shortly thereafter. What drew me to fly fishing is another story for another time. Back to tying...I cannot imagine fly fishing without tying. Back then I wasn't that great at it, but there's something to be said for being self taught I suppose.

My tying started before the boom of the tying videos and recipes on youtube and other websites. You had books, recipes, lessons and that was about it. After years of progression I finally feel as though I'm a skilled tier. There are still lots of patterns I don't attempt, but I can look at the patterns I use or need to have for where I fish and tie most of them.

I love tying. When I can't be on the river, I'm at the vise as often as possible. It's a both a necessity to produce patterns I can't find in stores and an outlet for me. When I sit down at the bench and start spinning flies, all the stressors of work and life fade away. I'm taken to the stream and think about when I'll use this pattern or when I look upstream and watch Chi landing a fish. I can hear the stream rolling.

Anyway, the eve of the trip. It is finally here. I'm off work for a week and a half, I'll be fishing and somewhat disconnected from the world for almost 2 weeks by the time the trip is over with. I have spent countless hours at the bench tying ridiculous number of flies (something in the 20+ dozen range) in preparation for this trip. Tying for two will do that to you, but it's all good. As much as I enjoy landing fish on my flies, nothing is better for me than watching someone else do it.

In a few short hours, I'll be rolling out the door and on my way to the airport for the first leg of my trip. Then a 4 hour trip to the cabin and it's on! Few things in life for me are better than being at trout camp. Great company, outstanding fishing, delicious foods and a good cigar or two are all in order. Do you get the impression I'm excited to get away and get on the trout streams?

I'll see you guys and gals in a little while...


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    If I get four hours sleep the night before a trip I'd be surprised. Part II? milt