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Entry 4: 8/26/14- Hooked on a Feelin'

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Entry Playlist:The Civil Wars- The One that got Away

Folks, it happened! I recommend putting that song on while you read this.

So after a couple busy weeks with the charity group and subsequent job hunting, I cleared my schedule on Tuesday and hit the lake. If my last trip was a booty call, this was a coffee date. We've been having fantastic summer weather here in the armpit of New England, so it was a perfect day to go fishing. Sunny, temps in the 80's, low humidity, and the water was crystal clear.

I made my usual jaunt around the lake, basking in the quiet now that school's back in session: just me and the dog walkers. I hit my usual spot on the side of the lake, dropped my pack on the bank and hit the water.

I started with one of my little grubs for awhile, but after a few nibbles it snapped off, so I clipped my tippet back to a fresh length and played with a yellow detached body clouser minnow pattern, seeing if I could coax a small mouth to the top water. As I was throwing it out, I took notice that I was probably using the wrong color pattern, as most of the dragon flies I saw buzzing around were blue and red, so I benched the yellow guy and tried a beaded prince. I sunk and stripped him for awhile and got nothing, I wasn't too surprised.

I had a good feeling all the way to the lake that day. Full nights rest, good lunch; in general, I was in a good mood and was looking forward to goin' fishin'. As I sat there on the bank changing know that feeling when the clouds clear away and the sun hits you and you get enveloped in that warmth; its almost like a hug, isn't it? I got hit with one, and not being one to dismiss nature's finer points, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. For some reason at that moment, I thought of Mel and visualized one of his videos and heard him say "dry fly". That was it! I looked down to my fly pads in the wildhorse and my eyes gravitated to the size 16 cahill adams. I tied it on, put alittle floatant in the wings, hackle and tail, and made my approach.

I usually fish with my vibrams on, as they make pretty good wading shoes. I had a feeling, a hunch: In the movie High Fidelity, John Cusack's character has a line, "Up until now, I've always gone with my gut feeling. Now, I've come to the conclusion that my gut has **** for brains." I've lived by that pretty successfully, so when I got the notion to fish barefoot, my gut said "keep your shoes on, you dummy!", so naturally off they went. I went into the water knee deep, dug my feet into the silt, and worked that dry fly.

My dry fly presentation skills are pretty good, and immediately that little guy was getting a lot of attention. In the moment, my surroundings faded and everything went quiet: I hit the zone. I brought my line up high and feathered it back down onto the surface of the water, with the fly landing at the end with alittle plop. I saw the movement and felt the pull a moment later, and jerked to set the hook....

I didn't think I got anything until when I went to reset my cast I felt resistance. HOLY **** IT WORKED, I GOT ONE!!! I stripped my line in and my excitement waned alittle when I saw this little guy:

He's so cute!!! A little 4inch bluegill, I felt so bad. I quickly unhooked him after the picture, let him recover, then off he darted. He looked so bored with this whole experience, shoot, he looked how I felt when I saw my popper got spit out last month. Apparently She was teaching us both a lesson that day. I'll admit, the chunker in me briefly considered throwing him back out still on my line and seeing if a bass would pick him up, but I didn't want to insult the little guy further, he had a lot of life left in him to be thrown to the sharks. I happened to looked down, and saw the peanut gallery was investigating, and nipping, at my feet. I took the hint and let their brethren go.

I immediately cut that fly off my line to save and tied on another one, but soon after I had to go home to start dinner for the horde. But it happened, my first fish on a fly! I threw my shoes back on and it was a proud walk to the car that afternoon, knowing my skunk streak was momentarily broken.

Time to start a new one!


  1. mcnerney's Avatar
    Congrats on that first fish on a dry no less!