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Utah fly fishing

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I can't find the big fish in Utah streams... maybe you can help?

I started out as a dedicated employee of sorts -- tied on a few demo flies we had in our box and did not even get a bite. After that failed miserably, I decided to scout the area and take a few pictures.

I was looking for some indication of what might entice a big fish to eat. Since this was our first ever fishing trip sponsored by I was anxious to catch the first fish of the day. It had rained in the days preceding our trip and the forecast called for continuous rain throughout the next few days. The sky was overcast; the water was high, dark and full of mud -- certainly not the perfect conditions. With no rises and not a hatch to speak of I thought about the many books and articles that address what to do in this circumstance and continued to search for a solution.

After turning over this rock I saw these small snails and shrimp and after thinking for a second I tied on a small olive scud. Not rocket science, right?

small shrimp in a stream feeding the river

It’s at this time the voice in my head should have said the following:

"... maybe it’s your tippet that's too big?"

Even as I struggled to poke the tippet through the small eye on the hook, subconsciously I realized that I was stubbornly just trying to make it work.

Did I tie on a smaller tippet? Say oh I don’t know…‘8x’. No. And as a reward for my lack of effort I got more rain as I waved my fly rod like some soggy conductor for the next hour or so; But there was No music, No Trout... More rain. As I continued working my way down the stream, it was apparent that no Fish were interested in the olive scud.

Suddenly my whole brain realized that I was not catching any fish. I was convinced there were no trout interested in eating or they all had left for deeper pools down stream. Maybe lighting... Or aliens took them to a far away planet. Or it could have been something more hideous... It could be my fault. My tippet was the perfect size…right?

Then I flashed back to another time, "Queue wavy screen...”

For some reason I remembered something my Granddad told me when I was a child... He said "stop pulling up my best flowers to give to your grandma". This puzzled me. I was four years old and thought Grandmas got flowers irregardless of the collateral damage. And flowers grow back, so why not? You see Granddad was a real piece of work -- He grew those flowers for her- all of them.... all the way around the porch that surrounded the whole front of the house. The truth is that Granddad was tired of me dragging all the dirt into the house along with each flower I brought. I was being stubborn and did not listen. So for at least three more times the dirt from the flowers continued to drop onto the carpet. The sound of pulling flowers out of the moist ground echoed in my head. Granddad smiled and so did I.

The next thing I know I was walking out of the stream, up the bank, and back towards the rest of the people I came with. I wasn't really fishing when this day started, the lights were on but nobody was home. My focus was to get the tippet through such a small eye on the hook; and to catch the ‘big fish’. I was looking at it all wrong. The solution was to replace the tippet and not to be in such a hurry. I hear a dog barking...

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