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fishing friends.

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Just decided to start a blog...first ever
Want to talk about my fishing buddies.Alphabetic order...
Jean Baptiste is a tall guy nearly two meters I met him for the first time when I was guiding in Austria.He belonged to the group of three I was in charge with.Since then we became friends and often go fishing together.More often now for he's stopped his sportsman career as a professional volley ball player and then coach.He won the France cup,took part in the Olympic games and was also one of the managers of the national team.I really enjoy fishing with him because we joke all the time and we have a very close vision about fishing tactics.He loves casting the most difficult spots and won't be afraid to send his fly or his nymph where 99% won't even try.He can spend a long time on a fish he's located,for instance yesterday we saw a big barbel feeding under branches...I quickly gave up,he took my place and finally hooked it!.Like me he enjoys fishing on sight and has become mad about dace and big chub.He's already caught some big carps on his five weight and I can tell you you have to be patient with those fish...the funny thing is that he sometimes gets angry about himself when he misses a big fish or when he gets stuck in a branch which doesn't often happens...he may bite his rod handle and shout like madWhen Batistou tells you he's caught some means he's caught many...rather unusual for a fisherman

Caught that snake in a reservoir last you see the owner was ready to shoot

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  1. Davo's Avatar
    Welcome to the blogs JP. Looking forward to your tales!!

  2. mcnerney's Avatar
    JP: Great start, loved the writeup you did on Batistou! It is easy to see how large he is even sitting down having lunch!

  3. jpbfly's Avatar
    Thanks Davo& Larry.Flyfishing is great...flyfishing with friends is's hard for me to go without one of them.
  4. fyshstykr's Avatar
    Great friends = great times.