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Fishing friends 3

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I was asked to interview Jan for a french magazine in the early nineties.At that time he had already been France champion twice and bronze medal in the World Championship.So when I met him first and fished with him all afternoon before the interview I was a bit intimidated but I discovered a kind guy and we had a good time together.Since then we've become friends and even if we don't meet very often ,we always keep in touch and go fishing together a few times a year.When he stopped taking part in competitions he became manager of the Junior team and won three World Championship.Jan is a" complete" flyfisherman,I mean he can fish everywhere(reservoirs,lakes,rivers and streams)
and use all the different technics(dry,nymph on sight,european nymphing)He's always ready to help beginners,take part in fishing shows, set the good example and fight for fish and streams conservation.He's also a great tier and "father" of some famous patterns.He's the only guy I know who can put his waders on at home take the lift and fish
A river runs....downstairs!



  1. mcnerney's Avatar
    JP: Great Blog report, thanks for sharing!