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Mendless Drift


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So, welcome to my first blog post. I have low expectations- (and so should you ).

Due to my busy work schedule, I haven't had time to fish much the last 10 days or so. Every once in a while I have these dry stretches of time, and generally it leads to a few predictable mental destinations-
1. A tendency to be more cranky and less patient in day to day stuff (I need the space the river provides me!).

2. I find myself wandering around the area of the garage that houses my flyfishing gear- and I organize, clean, maintain, and sometimes just look at reels or flies.

3. Inevitably I think about fly fishing techniques, my own proficiencies and where my skill matrix is deficient. I think about new streamer techniques, new fly patterns, new ways to fish old areas of the river.

4. I also self correct my fishing mindset. I'll remember one that got away, or a particular day where catching "wasn't good". Fishing is always amazing, but sometimes the catching leaves something to be desired. On those less than stellar catching days I'll remember how I was stubborn with a certain fly, or a certain technique. I remind myself to be more vigilant when starting a day of fishing- to be keen of eye and ear, seeing and hearing what the river is offering. The flows, the tint of the water, the depth I am fishing, the bugs around me, the season, the temperature of the water. What is the river telling me? When I listen, I catch a lot of fish!

Sometimes unintended fishing breaks can be a good thing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and sometimes wiser.