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Mendless Drift


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Yesterday I took some time and ventured OFF the beaten trail. As in off the "I fish here all the time" trail. It took a little map work, some plotting of routes, and some Googling- but I was rewarded with a fairly precise and successful expedition.

What I mean by precise and successful is that I did not waste alot of time on the road plotting a route or getting lost, and I found water and caught fish. I did the work ahead of time and knew the type of road, what to look for at turnoffs, and where the private boundaries were. Successful equals: found new (to me) fishable water, caught beautiful wild trout, and made it home safely and on time.

Exploring in the mountains is amazing, and it's cool to discover and fish new spots. Even cooler when wild trout are hitting dry flys! It makes me a better fisherman to fish new and different spots. I had to use casts that my normal runs don't require. I had to try various techniques, as I didn't know the water yet. I had to plot my strategy one riffle and one pool at a time, then execute the correct cast for the situation. When a you get a take and feel that's a winner!

I highly recommend getting out there and exploring some new water! Do your homework first: Be prepared, be equipped properly for the elements, know where you are going and what the journey entails. I'll be exploring again for sure. It was a blast!



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    Larger pix? milt
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    Larger pix? milt
    Check this thread for larger pics!