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Kerry Pitt

The path I am walking

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Hey well I am going to give this another try. Be prepared though if you actually read this, I often wander away from fly fishing and ponder humanity. Mind you to be fair my time on the water gives me clarity of thought to pursue my musings.
Ever since I began Project Healing Waters Canada I have been learning much about myself and then last year I found out a few things I never knew about me. One is that I do have a breaking point, I always say I am tougher than I look but I found my breaking point amidst sickness, pain and no hope I found it.
At that point, the lowest point I also found out that I was not forgotten. I believe in a Higher Power, name that Power God, or what you want but I was turned back from the brink of destruction by a voice that tolkd me I was not alone. I am not a Biblical Christian, I make no apologies for that, seems to me anything Man touches is perverted or twisted to our own thoughts and means so I follow my heart and what words that Christ himself left with us. I don't care if he was the Son of God or something else, what he taught us was that we should be good to each other. One simple thought, one simple request that, if acted upon would make this world the Eden God meant it to be.
I blog for me, so if you don't like what I say I respect that but please respect my own views of the world as well. Take care out there until next time.


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Well said sir, and kudos to you for devoting time and effort to help others. milt.
  2. mcnerney's Avatar
    Amen! As Milt stated, very well said, and I for one have very much enjoyed having you back on the forum!

    Now that I'm retired I've volunteered to help out with the Casper, WY PHW program this coming summer.
  3. dharkin's Avatar
    Well done for sure Kerry. Could you please supply me with a contact or path for contributions to your orginization? My local area is not that active.
  4. fyshstykr's Avatar
    Excellent Kerry, excellent!