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More of myself

Posted 01-31-2013 at 01:49 AM by Kerry Pitt

It is easier to write my own thoughts here than to speak them out Loud. My Girlfriend Judy gets ther out loud part, she has my heart she listens, she renders no judgement at all she knows how to listen to me and that is not easy, sometimes I never shut up but it does not seem to matter, I love her to pieces, she was sent to me to save me from myself I believe.
Someone asked about contributions to Project Healing Waters. The American folks can donate through their website they are Project Healing Waters Inc. For Canadians they can donate through our website Project Healing Waters
The Americans should donate through the Inc. becaue it goes to American Soldiers and as well you get a tax receipt.
Something I have learned from all of what I have done is what unconditional love is. You know the saying, "Be the person your dog thinks you are?" Well that is damned near impossible but trying is kind of mind expanding.
There was at some point for me the knowledge that I care for all living things, my fellow man no matter who you are, all living creatures. Not to say I won't hunt or fish but life should respect life. Respect what you eat, respect the life that runs around in circles when you come home, the life that lays eggs for breakfast LOL yeah I respect all life.
I love Humanity but I am filled with sadness at times that it cannot love itself. You know people we meet who we don't like, people we meet who we automatically like. Our Governemts spend quite a bit of time demeaning the lives of some groups be they handicapped (don't like that word), aging or criminal. I want the best for all of them. Each one of us is born on this earth (now is not the time to tell me you were not) we all started as children from Terrorist to Mother Theresa. At some point, we were children looking for the fun in life, trusting input from our Families, friends and Mentors. Some of whom have been equally as damaged by others who have been and so on.
I do not preach to love even the worst terrorist or criminal, but I look behind to see the child he or she used to be and wonder how? As Jim Croce once wrote "We say we love the Baby, but we crucify the Man."
I have no answer to anything, these are my own musings.
When my Brother was shot and killed by a Hitch Hiker I felt anger, total hate. I would have shot the bugger right there if they had let me. The more I looked into his past though I found that he too had been deserted, left to slip between the cracks as a child. All the signs were there when he was a young child why did nobody step in and help prevent the future that was it woulld seem, inevitable? Are they not as guilty as he? A question I ponder often. Do I hate him today? No, he is still in jail and may never see the light of freedom again which is something here in Canada.
I rid myself of hate, I forgave the boy for what he did, I may have forgiven the man as well but I think of the boy he used to be and at some point someone could have stepped in and saved him and several other people he killed as well. I can forgive that little boy and divest myself of hate for the man.
I love all of you out there. I love listening to you talk through your posts, I want the best for all of you even if we have never met I want happiness to find you all and well for me, it has come often on a fly line.
One day my 3 year old daughter and I were sitting in the rain fishing (don't ask how long ago that was). She looked up and said to me "I am so glad you are my Dad." I was thankful it was raining.
I have hope for us somehow, though at times it is faint. I see our strengths as a race and of course I see weaknesses. We can be better, we have that ability. I hope that as a race we are brought to realize that we all breathe the same air and live on the same beautiful, amazing rock. That together as Human Beings we could work together to make this an even more amazing place to live our lives. I hope I have not come across as judgemental. I have my days when I experience dislike and impatience. Where I get angy and maybe even a bit vengeful but at the end of the day I remember that we are all trying to get thorugh our lives the best we can, raise our familiies and find love. I remember this of all of you and myself. Talk to you later....
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