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Kerry Pitt

A Year This Month

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I have been ill for a year, one thing or another but the largest issue was an intestinal issue that started February last year and ended about December I think. Then I had fallout from that which will require surgery and the last two weeks I have had the cold from Hell. I am feeling better though and I have great hope for 2013.
I talk alot about being good to each other, about Humanity and relationships, but I do like fishing now and then LOL actually way more than that.
I have caught large fish, small fish medium fish and I loved catching them all. I may have Zen moments on any water and I certainly enjoy myself but I have to admit there is nothing like the power of a large healthy fish when it decides it doesn't like being hooked to anything and it leaves. Yep I like catching all fish but the adrenaline rush from a big fish is pretty uplifting. Sure maybe not everybody likes to admit this but hey I will start with this admission and maybe others will follow. I mean how can we not like that feeling, line taking, tail walking multiple jumps and the sound of a screeaming reel? I won't own a reel that is totally silent, sorry I love that sound, it is almost a drug to me. What can be better than that sound? I have it as a ring tone for my fishing buddies.
Okay and this thing about "Traditional" there are some out there who scoff if you are not a traditional fly fisher.....bur wait! If anyone claims to be traditional and scoffs at those who "are not" they better be using a rod composed of 2 parts winter cured hickory and one part cured willow, then a horsehair line, horsetail leader and wet flies. Wet flies cam along before dry flies. If you aren't using this then you have succumbed to modern or more odern technology, cane, bamboo was an inprovement over the "Traditional" rods, silk lines were tougher and easier to get that a horsehair line. Horsehair lines were so difficult to make that they were cared for and passed from Father to Son.
The most important thing though is not to let these differences divide us, "Traditional, Modern or Tenkara we are all brothers and sisters on the water and we all want the same thing, clean waters and good fish populations.
That's all I got this morning, off to my tying bench for a bit....


  1. fyshstykr's Avatar
    I'm with you Kerry, nothing like a big fish taking off on ya, going down deep into a hole and climbing to the surface in a massive explosion of water and going azz over tea kettle three feet in the air, wallering on the surface and then taking off again downstream!! They know how to get the ol' heart pounding, the adrenalin rushing, and the hands shaking. Always fun when you have to sit down after a good fight, whether you land em or not, it's always good.

    Hope you had a good time at the bench. Cheers my friend.
  2. littledavid123's Avatar
    I agree, the initial tug followed by the sweet sound of reel singing its song to the silvery sirens of the deep.

  3. Ard's Avatar
    Hi Kerry,

    I do hope that 2013 comes as a much better year for you and that you have many a good day out on the rivers.