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Kerry Pitt

Getting started.

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I don't blog. I mean I shouldn't Blog. I start off with great enthusiasm and then sort of peter out. Much like a Spring salmon when it is hooked in the salt! Well hey I had to liken it to something other than a three toed sloth in January.
I am starting out in 2010, so far behind things that I can see my butt disappearing around the corner up ahead.
I am the Founder and President of the newly created Project Healing Waters Canada. Ed Nicholson who is the Founder and President of Project Healing Waters Inc. in Washington D.C. gave me the nod about three years ago, to try and create a Canadian entity. What Ed didn't tell me was how much work was ahead of me and that it was pretty much non-stop.
I have a great Board of Directors here and I am trying to stop being the control freak that I am and let them do stuff for me and thus PHWC.
We are applying for Charitable Status Federally and that has been an immense amount of work as well.
Canada is far more secretive about it's soldiers and finding access to wounded soldiers coming back from Afghanistan is lots of work and very frustrating. We are finding them.....or rather they are slowly finding us, but it is a slow process and to be honest I lay awake at night wondering if what I am doing, is doing anyone any good. More to the point, will it ever do anyone any good?
I suppose that if I had known what was ahead I would have just gone fishing, so Ed was pretty shrewd it would seem.
I ask myself every day, "why am I doing this?" Is it for personal glory? Is it because I really believe that as Humans we have a responsibility to each other no matter where we live? Is it because of something my brother did for me before he was murdered? If you read my signature on my posts you will understand that thought.
Maybe I think there is too little kindness in the world, maybe what I am doing is like peeing in the ocean and looking for a temperature change. I have no idea.
I think if I figure it out I won't have a reason to keep pursuing PHWC anymore.
At this point though, there are people watching me to see if I will fail. They are watching to see if I have the staying power and if I engender enough loyalty from the Board, to actually hang in there and keep plugging until it happens.
I would really like to run into one person who I do not know, who will tell me that what I am doing is worthwhile.
Maybe that is egocentric I don't know.
Winter up here has the ability to make you kind of introspective.
This place, is full of great people who do not bicker and in-fight. I like it here, it keeps me a bit grounded and allows me to be reactive in a positive way.
I suffer from a lack of patience with stupid people and I tend to shoot from the lip, so creating PHWC has made me better at dealing with people who to say this, less than they think they are?
I am outspoken on matters of principle. I do not tolerate racism, sexism anywhere within my space. I believe in the equality of all people and I believe that I need to step up to the plate so that a few others will follow. Or I need to shut up, step down and go fishing quietly......but then Ray would hunt me down and shoot me. Perhaps he should have left me in that snowbank a couple of years ago, he could have enjoyed his retirement and I would have given up and gone fishing some more.
Thanks for listening, see you in a few days.


  1. fyshstykr's Avatar
    Kerry, your a good man! Thanks for all your doing to help these guys, they deserve it.