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Changing Forum

There appears to be another round of seasoned members leaving the forum and questions about why this is happening. Some have raised questions regarding the new generation of members and if their quest for instant answers has made the difference but I don't think so after much deliberation. I don't think there is a difference from this generation and the ones preceding. Everyone wants to cut the learning curve to allow more time dedicated to that which they enjoy. This of course doesn't speak for everyone as some enjoy the details of what makes one rod better than another and that's good too if you enjoy it. Before there was the internet we read books to accelerate the learning curve. If not books then we sought out the advice of anyone with experience or we fished with a close buddy and shared what we learned. If a person was willing to share advice, we listened, thanked them for the advice and moved on. We should all strive to be respectful of those who came before us, mentored and gave encouragement. Being respectful also means cutting the cord, relinquishing our demands of their time so they may pursue new interests. However, I do not owe that person my complete allegiance to their beliefs nor they to mine. An important part of mentoring is teaching those with lessor skills how to think for themselves. Not being taught to use the search feature is whose problem?


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