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Allen Gear ready

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Well I got my new Allen rig set up this evening and ready to go. Weather isnt looking good till late in the day, but I hope to atleast get some casting in.


  1. mbphotos54's Avatar
    well I took the xa 8wt out for a casting session at the pond,, I say it that way because no fish were caught. I will say this about the 10ft xa it has smooth action and potenitial for great distance, but not with the line Im using. I got the allen 8wt line on the xmas deal and although very smooth casting it felt like it wouldnt shoot like my cv2 6wt line, I think I will try the Rio Grand line I was recommended by Evan from Allen, but first I will test my 6wt cv2 line on the Xa and see it that helps since I am used to casting it. But I can tell even with only one season behind me that this rod will be a canon once I get the line right.


    ps, was a rather strange wind today also, but I dont think that was as much of a factor.
  2. melissaswatts's Avatar
    It looks very nice, very colorful indeed. Is this smooth enough to word?? homes for lease New York NY