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Derby City Fly Fishers meet up recap

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I met up with a fly fishing club from Louisville again today to fish my home waters. All of the folks involved have fished there before so nothing new. It was a cold morning with a bit of fog on the water and plenty of iced up rod eyes and line. Once the temps got above 32 mid morning this was no longer an issue. I had a really slow day with only one catch of a small trout( video to come). Alot of the group also had limited luck atleast at the time I left around noon. But with good weather in January you take what you can and enjoy the time on the water. Heres a few pics of my day.

First Light

solar heat finally!

foggy water

Making presentaion

Thanks for looking.


  1. mbphotos54's Avatar
    [ame=]Early Morning on Otter Creek DCFF on Vimeo[/ame]

    video from the day
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Nice pictures and entry Mike, a very pretty creek and that exposed bedrock strata has me wondering, do you do any fossil hunting? I have a regular rock hound bag, an old WWII era map & document pouch that holds my rock hammers and chisels along with some newspaper to wrap goodies in after collection. You are in a good location for some good finds. Just looking at the outcrop I am hazarding a guess that it is late Mesozoic (cretaceous) period and early Tertiary period deposition. It may be much younger but my guess is that there will be some stuff in that area.

    The streamer you got the fish on looked like a Light Spruce, what was it?