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Fishing the North Platte, WY, May 2014

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I got a chance to fish with Chase and Rod from the forum this past week on the North Platte near Alcova, WY. I planned on doing a back-to-back trip, with the first trip up to the Bighorn below Thermopolis, but my friend Pete cancelled on me so I cancelled that trip and decided to just do the North Platte. We fished Miracle Mile for part of a day, fished Fremont canyon two half days, the rest of the time was on the Grey Reef, either floating or wading. We all took headers while wading due to the slippery rocks. Then my waders sprung a leak, so each night I had to turn them inside out to dry them out for the next day. Chase took a header at 9 am in the morning and didn't want to quit fishing so he wet waded for over an hour, I still don't know how he could stand in that water that long. The first day in the cabins, we were in a hurry to hit the water and when we returned that evening, we discovered that we had left the keys inside. Sloans closes at 5 pm so Rod called the reservation number and left a message. After waiting 20 minutes and no return call Rod got the idea to use an old credit card to jimmy the door and that worked great. An hour and half latter the gal comes to the door apologizing. Despite the rather slow response to our request for help, we really enjoyed staying at the cabins as we saved a ton of money by cooking the majority of our meals. We had three vehicles there so we did our own shuttle and almost made the mistake of leaving the shuttle vehicle keys locked up, but fortunately we caught that one. We had great wx all week except for yesterday afternoon when this huge thunderstorm rolled in and the wind was just incredible, I was sure glad we weren't floating the river as it was blowing straight up river making rowing near impossible. Rod lost his net early on in the trip so I lent him my spare net, then on the next to last day I lost my Brodin four foot boat net (dang that still hurts). A big thanks goes to those forum members who provided us with some really valuable local knowledge before the trip, which made this just an incredible trip. A few years ago, I would float this river and think I was doing really good catching six trout, a little local knowledge can go a long ways toward turning a trip into something you won't soon forget.

Me with a nice Rainbow:

Rod fishing:

Rod with another nice Rainbow:

Chase hooked up with another nice fish:

Chase wet wading after taking a plunge, look closely at his lower legs. He is a better man then I am for being able to withstand that cold water:

Chase with a 23 inch Rainbow he caught while throwing streamers; however, he had tied on a size 20 midge pattern behind the streamer he was throwing and that Rainbow took the midge:

Closeup shot of Chase's big Rainbow:

Another nice Rainbow in my new aluminum net, not nearly as nice as the Brodin model:


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Great trip and pix Larry, thanks for sharing them here! milt