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A Big Thanks from Project Healing Waters, May 2014

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I received this message and card from the Wyoming Project Healing Waters coordinator in the mail today that thanks everyone for all the flies they donated to their organization. A big thanks to everyone that stepped up and tied flies to donate to Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery:

Below is an email I received from Bob Gartner who runs the Ft Belvoir Project Healing Waters program:

I got home late and the flies had arrived. Great batch of flies that will help both PHW and CFR. I pulled the two boxes from Jerry and the new Wheatley Fly Box for Casey Peltier and the CFR Program. Casey can use the Wheatley Box in the silent auction at their 2 Fly Contest in October. At least 8-10 of our PHW volunteers also help out at the CFR 2 Fly either as stream monitors or contestants in the tournament. Your tyers did a tremendous job. Thanks for organizing this tying benefit and for sharing the flies with both PHW and CFR.
(Note: I had previously told Bob which flies and boxes were from Jerry and his battle with cancer, so Bob made sure his donation went to the gals at the Virginia CFR program).

Bob Gartner