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Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Two Six Year Olds!

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Earlier in the week the wife and I traveled down to Colorado to visit with my son and his kids, do a little fishing and take everyone out to see a Rockies baseball game. My wife isn't into fishing, but she is from Chicago and loved watching the Cubs play the Rockies, especially when the Rockies threw away a two run lead when they ran into pitching problems and walked six straight. Argh! Earlier in the day we took the kids out to a friends place that is just loaded with Smallmouth Bass and a few Crappie......the perfect location to get six year old kids into some willing fish. We had the nephew there and was one reel short so the first stop was WalMart to pick up a Zebco reel, boy have those reels improved over the years.
My son in the background and the nephew with his new Zebco reel and a nice Smallie (nothing large but those fish were willing to go after the poppers, the perfect setting to introduce fishing to youngsters):

The lake and was it covered in algae, which made fishing from shore tough:

Pulling a quarter pound fish along with five pounds of algae is tough work:

After struggling with the algae we finally came up with the idea of using the boat to help break it up so we could fish from shore:

The results of just a little rowing around in the algae:

The youngest grandson, just over 2 years old, but already taking an interest in fishing, it won't be long:

Before we came up with the idea of using the boat to breakup the algae I took the kids out in the boat so my grandson could use his fly rod:

The nephew with a nice fish:

and another one. This was his very first time fishing and he couldn't quite figure out the casting part, so I would cast his rod out, he would reel in the popper and here is the result:

The grandson with another nice fish. That hopper pattern was out fishing the popper on the spinning rod five to one, but it might have been the technique the nephew was using. I kept trying to get the nephew to move the popper a few inches and then let it sit for a few seconds and repeat, but all he wanted to do was reel, but they both had a blast and caught a ton of fish, it finally came time to go and they both wanted to catch "One More". It was great getting out fishing with the kids again, always a lot of fun when you see those smiles on their faces: