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Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park (Part 1)

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I traveled to Yellowstone NP to fish the NE section of the park, the first day on my own and the second day with forum member liveonthefly14 and then the next day I was supposed to meet up with forum member vtownmike, but we didn't get our communication fixed before the trip and once I got there I really had a rough time getting the cell to pick up any kind of reception (lesson learned, have your plan set with a meet time/place before you leave). The plan was to camp and I was a little worried about snagging a camping spot with all the crowds and as I entered the south entrance the sign showed all the campgrounds were full (Argh!). As I traveled north I decided to check out Tower and then Slough creek campgrounds and indeed they were full, so I didn't have much hope, but decided to give Pebble Creek campground a try and found two spots open, so I was pretty happy to land a camping spot. Someone on the forum had told me that if you get there by 9 am you should be able to get a spot, and what worried me was that by the time I got to Pebble Creek it was already 9:30 am, but everything worked out fine. At least until I dragged the tent out of the car to find that I had left the tent poles at the house, dang it! Ok, plan 2 will be to reorganize and just sleep in the back of the Subaru, which actually worked out fine once I put the back seat down there was plenty of room for my sleeping pad, so it actually was pretty comfortable sleeping. Then it was off to the Lamar river to do some fly fishing, first thing I noticed was that there were lots of buffalo roaming in the Lamar valley, I was a bit intimidated and wanted to find a spot on the river away from the buffalo, but that was a bit difficult as the river was pretty crowded, but eventually I found a spot and the first thing I noticed walking across the field was the abundance of small grasshoppers, maybe 3/4" long in tan or olive body's. I'm thinking this is great, seeing how I had tied up a bunch of Bob Hoppers, a Walter Wiese pattern from Park's Fly Shop.
Parks' Fly Shop: Fly Tying Videos and Instructions, Tying Better Flies for Yellowstone Country
This would be my first time fly fishing in the park, so I was pretty excited and really didn't know what to expect, but the weather was perfect and the fishing was spectacular!
The Lamar River (this is indeed God's Country, what a beautiful setting to be fly fishing in):

The next morning I had arranged to meet up with liveonthefly14 at the Yellowstone Institute parking lot at 9 am, I was a bit late as I got into a car jam with buffalo walking along the roadway and all the vehicles stopped taking photos, but I eventually made it and off to the river we went. We were early enough to almost take our pick of spots on the river (much nicer than the day before). What a great place to teach someone how to fly fish, the fish are eager to cooperate, so after a short casting lesson liveonthefly14 was quick into fish and had a blast and we had a great day fishing together:

While we were walking over to the river the grass was just alive with those small tan or olive grasshoppers, but we spotted this monster and he quickly jumped up on my trouser leg, he must have been a good two inches long, I've never seen a grasshopper that big before:

As we were fishing this big herd of buffalo slowly migrated our way, I was a bit nervous, but it didn't bother liveonthefly14 in the least, he actually went out into the field and took some really close up shots, these are mine from a lot further back.