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Wyoming Indian Summer and Overnight Fishing Trip (Part 1)

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I just got back from an overnight fishing trip to the Green river and to also watch the lunar eclipse early Wed morning. We have been experiencing some incredible Indian Summer like weather so it didn't surprise me that I found lots of other folks camping and fishing, so that made it a bit difficult to find a fishing and camping spot away from the others as my two dogs can be a bit annoying.
I got a bit of a late start and didn't get to the river until lunchtime but it was amazing to see the amount of bugs coming off, midges, tiny bwo's and caddis were the main activity. I rigged up and on the first cast landed this gorgeous Brown trout just shy of 20 inches:

A closeup view of the the beautiful colors and spots:

After releasing that Brown I cast out again on the very next cast I land this beautiful Rainbow:

A closeup showing how beautiful the colors are on this trout:

Here is another very nice Bow:

Another view:

Another gorgeous Bow:

And a couple more:

A nice Brown trout:

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