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Wyoming Indian Summer and Overnight Fishing Trip (Part 2)

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Another nice Bow:

And another:

I found a camping spot up on a ridge that was downstream of where everyone else was camping that was just beautiful.

I had done some work on the fence line the day before and put the old rails to good use making a campfire, nothing better after a day of fishing, camping along the river overlooking the water sitting next to a nice fire having dinner and a cold brew:

Here is a shot of the moon as it was rising over the tree line on the east side of the river, sorry the colors are so washed out, that sky was awash in light pink and purple colors.

I got up to watch the lunar eclipse early Wednesday morning, here it is a bit shy of 4 am, what a sight.

Wednesday morning was a late get up due to watching the lunar eclipse, then spending some time scouting the water in the refuge, so I didn't get out fishing until lunch time. What a difference a day makes, the wx is another perfect fall day, with the exception that there were hardly any bugs hatching, so that made for some tough fishing, but still a fun afternoon on the water.



  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    Walk n' wade? Really liked the fire and eclipse shots... fish porn ain't bad either! milt
  2. Ard's Avatar
    These posts make me want to live there Larry. Just beautiful!
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