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Wyoming Fall Fishing (Part 1)

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I just got back from four days of fishing with Rodneybo (Rod) from the forum, it is always great to get a chance to meet and fish with other forum members. We have fished together before, this time Chased (Chase) is enrolled in college so he didn't get to fish with us, maybe on spring break next year. When I left the house the temp was 10 degrees, kind of chilly, but the forecast was for a high of mid-40's and virtually no wind, so things were looking good. Due to the low overnight temps we decided to get a motel in Kemmerer, WY instead of trying to camp. We got a room at the Antler motel for $41.86, split two ways this would be very affordable. The first room they put us in (room 129) wasn't very good, but after we complained about the smell, they moved us to room 127 which was pretty nice for an older motel, perfect for a couple fly fishermen. The funny thing was that in rm 129 we had great WiFi, but not in rm 129, but my cell's hotspot worked great. The first day the fishing was great, the second day it was even better, the third day it was like someone turned the light switch off. Mid-day there was a pretty heavy midge hatch, we used zebra midges and caught some small trout, nothing big. Then on the last day the fishing was just incredible, a great way to end a trip.
We got on the river right at sunrise each day and got treated to some incredible views:

Mid-day entertainment as the local sheepherder would bring his sheep down to the river for a drink. Those sheep dogs do some amazing work in keeping the herd together.

Rod with a nice Bow:

and another:

Releasing a Kokanee salmon:

A face only a mother could love:

Releasing a nice Brown:

Rod with a nice Bow:

Not all the fish are large, Rod and I had a contest going to see who could land a world record small fish, I'm not sure who won, but we had fun: