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Teaching a Rookie

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My dirty little secret is that I work part time for a local fly shop. It's good supplemental income that helps pay for my fly fishing habit.

Last week a young lady (let's call her Miss C.) took the shop's intro to fly fishing class. She enjoyed the class so much, that she decided to buy an outfit. Being the nice guy that I am, I offered to take her fishing to the Lower Yuba River which isn't the most friendly rookie trout fishery.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. Sun was starting to drop. Air temp was 84 degrees. Water temp was 58 degrees. Great conditions, but no hatches. After showing Miss C. some PMD nymphs under some rocks, I have her set up a nymphing rig (leader, indo-bobber, putty weight, and nymph). I showed her how to do control a dead drift (cast, mend, keep tip up, and follow). I also explained to her how to work a run, set a hook, and bring in a fish. After 15 minutes of getting used to her rig, I put her on a run that has been productive for me in the past.

After putting Miss C. in position, I walked her through the steps. I stepped back, and let her try. On her fourth cast her indo-bobber dropped. I yelled, "hit it!" Miss C. did a downstream across the body hookset. Her rod tip stayed up as she stripped in line. She swung the fish towards my net. Miss C. landed a healthy 10" wild Rainbow Trout. It was her first fish on her new rod and on a fly.

For the rest of the evening, the fishing never got any better. I missed a couple of grabs. A large trout jumped and gave us the double fin salute. After all was said and done, the final score was rookie 1, instructor 0.