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  1. Starling & Herl Soft Hackle, et al., & Co. (2)

    Version 3: Large soft hackle / wet fly. (double hackle)
    [Redundant steps not included.]

    Same as before, with two hackles collared back more.

    -- END OF PAGE 2 --
    (for now)
  2. Starling & Herl Soft Hackle, et al., & Co. (1)

    [This was very distracting... was too distracted by taking images to tie really nice flies and was too distracted by tying flies to take really good pics... fo gigure.]

    There will be several distinct patterns in this series, but they are all sort of a blur to me, all pretty much tied out of the same materials. I have never found that any one version out performs the others; each does its own thing and has its own time and place. We are working with two iridescent materials which are ...

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