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Muddler from Swap #1 - Streamers - Round Two! (OCT 2013)

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#6 Muddler Minnow (tive-r-gake a bit).

Hook: 3X Long Streamer (Mustad 9672).

Size: #6 Shown, #2 - #14.

Thread: 6/0 and kevlar for spinning.

[Start with 6/0, color doesn't matter.]

Tail: Matched pair of mottled turkey quill slips.

Body: Holographic gold Mylar tinsel.

Under Wing: Grey squirrel tail flanked by two stands of fine holographic gold mylar tinsel on each side.

Wing: Matched pair of mottled turkey quill slips.

[Under wing and wing are stacked on top of the front end of the body.]

Throat: Ostrich herl dyed red, over-wrapping the butts of the under wing and wing.

[Switch to kevlar thread.]

Collar: Tips of deer hair tied in at a body length and spun over the top 1/2 to 3/4 of the shank. Try to avoid trimming thes off later.

Head: Deer hair with the tips and really hollow section near the butts trimmed off spun around shank and clipped to shape.

Using the part of the deer hair more toward the tips and away from the hollow butt section helps the fly be less buoyant. Tying the head sparsely or minimizing the hair used to complete the shape helps keep the buoyancy down as well

Whip finish, cement twice and remember to clear the eye.


  1. Ard's Avatar
    Nice take on the pattern.