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  1. Muddler from Swap #1 - Streamers - Round Two! (OCT 2013)

    #6 Muddler Minnow (tive-r-gake a bit).

    Hook: 3X Long Streamer (Mustad 9672).

    Size: #6 Shown, #2 - #14.

    Thread: 6/0 and kevlar for spinning.

    [Start with 6/0, color doesn't matter.]

    Tail: Matched pair of mottled turkey quill slips.

    Body: Holographic gold Mylar tinsel.

  2. Starling & Herl Soft Hackle, et al., & Co. (2)

    Version 3: Large soft hackle / wet fly. (double hackle)
    [Redundant steps not included.]

    Same as before, with two hackles collared back more.

    -- END OF PAGE 2 --
    (for now)
  3. Starling & Herl Soft Hackle, et al., & Co. (1)

    [This was very distracting... was too distracted by taking images to tie really nice flies and was too distracted by tying flies to take really good pics... fo gigure.]

    There will be several distinct patterns in this series, but they are all sort of a blur to me, all pretty much tied out of the same materials. I have never found that any one version out performs the others; each does its own thing and has its own time and place. We are working with two iridescent materials which are ...

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  4. Fur On Hide Processing

    Hide Processing:

    NOTE: Do NOT process hides if you have open cuts on your hands without laytex or nitril gloves. Be sure to REALLY wash your hands and forearms when the processing is complete. If you do manage to get an infected cut, it will grow that lovely red line up your arm rather quickly. With the warning given, I will state that I have done will over 100 times in my life with no problems and that I some woodchuck hides in my tying materials that were processed this way over ...

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  5. Attempt 1 at Building a Rod

    Much of this is cross posted here. Putting all of this in a blog, becasue this is the kind of thing I was really looking for to push me over the edge to try it.

    This is a revamp of an 5 weight, 8'6" rod I am not even sure how I ended up with. The reel seat was messed up, cork was damaged where the reel seat slips under it and the guides were spiraled around the blank. The plan is to replace what I need to and leave the rest alone.

    What I have learned so far:

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