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  1. mono vs fluoro

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    Thank you Mr. Denny, I've been away from using a fly rod close to 10 yrs and i'm getting back into it now that I'm living in WY. I never heard of a tippet ring but now I do.
    Hi Grizz.

    Your post about tippet rings reminded me that they are an excellent way to attach two dissimilar materials like nylon and fluorocarbon.

    I have found that, at least for me, fluorocarbon to nylon knots tend to fail. My working theory is that the harder fluorocarbon cuts
  2. Brand New Orvis Helios 3D 9' 5 wt

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    Just Purchased this, less than a week ago Never Registered, Never Fished, This is a Beautiful Brand New Rod... It is a little too fast for me, I realized I just prefer a slower rod which I have plenty of. Selling this Brand New Orvis Helios 3D 9' 5 wt for $$699.00 Priority Shipping with $600 insurance add $22

    Helios 3D 9' 5-wt.
    Matte Midnight blank
    Blue accent wrap
    Black/black main wraps
    REC recoil snake guides
  3. King Salmon Research on the river;

    While you were sorely missing me here I was away to the cabin doing the essential spring cleaning and land maintenance for a few days

    With a couple long days of cutting, more cutting, vacuuming and dock anchoring under my belt I wearily climbed into the ATEC for the long drive back to the boat launch. Other than the shear number of spruce trees down in the creek that connects the cabin on the lake to the river the 4 1/2 mile drive out the creek was uneventful. The usual suspects ...
  4. Me, Lucky? I don't think so...

    I prefer the word fortunate.

    This writing gets into a lot more than my comments regarding luck in fishing so if you read on you may find some interesting facts previously unknown...

    I saw the thread started by Rich (Rangerrich99) asking whether we think luck plays a part in our fishing. I could not bring myself to say anything publicly on an open thread so since this is my private forum I'll tell you what I think here.

    First I'll share a well guarded expression ...

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  5. The Traveling Ardster......

    With winter finally arriving in April I'm feeling the void really strong right now. I haven't been out on a river fishing since October of 2018 . The nearest I've come was a couple weeks back doing some casting instruction, imagine that 2 weeks ago the ice was gone and I had people learning to cast! Now there have been nightly snow storms with daily melt off's and a mix of high winds just to make things nice. So what are you gonna do? I started thinking of somewhere where maybe, just maybe I could ...
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