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  1. Best material for parachute posts?

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    My favorite go-to dry fly is a parachute Adams and I've finally decided to take a whack at tying them.

    The white parachute post looks like it can be intimidating to tie, at least judging by the few YouTube videos I've watched.

    Calf body hair and coarse polypropylene yarn are the two materials mentioned in the videos I've seen.

    Is one of these materials better than the other?

    Is there some other material I should consider for the post?
  2. Here's a good one!

    Recently we had a post about Casting on the lawn..... wherein the poster told that he does his 'Practice' on the lawn and that the welded loop on his fly line came apart. The post was answered by well meaning members who made all sort of suggestions as to what may have been at the root of this welded loop becoming FUBAR. I thought the replies suggesting that it may be the type of grass he has on his lawn were especially amusing. I posted what I'm placing below on the thread. Naturally it went without ...
  3. What have you been tying today?

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    I really have a hard time tying biots.
    Maybe this will help.


  4. About Closing Fisheries to Protect Them;

    I stuck this on the thread on the forum, like many replies it ran a little longer than 50 words I thought it was worth saying so now there's a copy here too.

    I think we can sum things up by saying that in some areas and specific waters it's a mess.

    Education is a familiar refrain, been at the top of the charts for many years but honestly you can only educate the willing.

    Regulations; there's another top ten favorite but for regulations to be effective ...
  5. San Juan NM Guide

    We are in NM. The San Juan has multiple guide services on the water. Duranglers, Fish heads, Float and Fish, etc....

    If you DM us we can give you some tips, pointers, locations, and fly selection.

    Tight Lines,
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