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  1. Open Letter from Lefty

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    To my friends,

    I was 92 in January and had a carotid artery operation. During testing the hospital determined my heart was only pumping 35% and must limit my physical activities followed by a rest. The industry was extremely helpful and last season was able to attend the shows, clinics, etc.

    Several weeks ago, I realized I was developing another problem, which is normal for someone nearly
  2. March

    So this is our first March in the house by the lake. The sun has come out. The air smells like grapes and honey with the blooming wisteria, citrus, and yaupon holly. We walk around and just marvel at all the new growth.

    March seems to mean fishing here on the lake. I havenít fished this much in freshwater since I was a teenager. My daughter and her boyfriend have been fishing a lot. My friend Rick has been over a few times for fishing. Various lake residents and their friends and ...
  3. The Forum Has Changed, What Do I Think?

    I wrote this to answer someone who ask me what I think has happened that changed this forum from what it was like say eight years ago or so.

    Warning: I have written what was on my mind. You may not agree and that's fine with me but I was ask and so I wrote. I used to write articles this long when ask about how to fish a feather wing streamer but no one has ask that for years.

    Basically this question came after a barrage of threads about fly line weight designations ...

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  4. Spring?

    Is Spring here? The Crappie say yes. Crappie on the lake I live on move into the shallows next to the bank to spawn in early spring. Iíve been recently picking off some with Balanced jigs in 2-4 feet of water. From reading the Crappie boards here in Texas, this lake Iím on is precocious. Most everywhere else the Crappie are still down deep.

    My dad wants to do a road trip soon to find Spring. My teenage son is starting a school break soon and dad wants me and my son Matthew to join ...
  5. An Old Bamboo Rod I restored Back in the 1980's

    This is a reprint from a forum thread, the post is just too detailed to let it disappear when that thread is forgotten.

    I received this rod in pretty rough condition in the late 70's or early 1980's from a friend Jerry Zapola who had inherited it from an old fellow from upstate New York.

    Here we go.

    This is the entire box 39 1/2" L X 3" W X 1 3/8" H The planned red oak veneer pieces are just a little under 3/16" thickness, I doubt ...
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