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  1. Feeling Blessed

    I am no writer by any means but I want to share my feelings. I was on my way to Lake Placid to see the Dr. Along the way I had to pass a few small towns like Jay and Wilmington and North Elba. I could not help but feel blessed that I live in such a beautiful part of the country. The Adirondacks are truly spectacular.
    My first stop was at a small park on the famed West branch of the Ausable river. I stopped here because a memorial has been set up for the late Francis Betters. Fran was ...
  2. Carp on the Fly Features in US TV Show

    Quote Originally Posted by darkshadow View Post
    Carp are present in any body of water around these hills. Some lakes have bounties on them, and some have yearly tournaments were people catch and kill as many as they can.
    I think you might be talking about a different type of carp. I've seen tournaments like that for silver and biggest carp, but not common carp.
  3. Reading water......heavy nymphing.

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    Reading the water

    Since the water I fish most of the time, sounds like what you were trying, I'll share this again.
    I'm sure in the time I've been here, I mentioned how I figured it out.
    I call it the count-down method. This method works with almost weightless rigs up to heavy....

    1. How fast is the water?
    Take 2-3 long strides on the bank. Throw a stick on the water and count the ...
  4. Tying On Shanks;

    I am now using Intruder Wire for the connector loop because of a missed steelhead due to the hook getting fouled into the body materials. This happened with a different pattern in Late October 2016 but made a distinct impression on me. I fished hours to find the one that would hit me and when it happened I had no hook trailing the fly, it was looped around and stuck into the body!

    All other aspects of tying are the same but I suggest wire and not the Power Braid shown here.
  5. How I Became A Fishing Guide;

    The real story is probably not what you may have assumed.

    I've never posted in general regarding this strange turn of events that led to my being a guide for visiting anglers. I'm going to try to lay this out so that it makes sense, I think you'll get it.

    Right up front people need to know that I do not believe that I am somehow the genetically superior fisherman, nor am I over endowed with the Hunter Gatherer gene. I also fell way short when they were passing out ego's ...
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