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  1. Excellent entry level baitcaster Piscifun Saex Premier Low Profile Baitcasting Reels

    By Mr.Mirage from adkforum
    Product Tested: Piscifun Saex Premier Low Profile Baitcasting Reel 7.3:1

    Price paid, where purchased: 57 dollars. Purchased on Piscifun Official Website
    Could also find it on amazon.
    Size/Weight: gear ratio 7.3:1

    Similar products tried: Ardent

    How long/where tested: Tested for over 2 months

    Rating 1 to 5: 4.5


    Hmm, the SAEX Premier is quite worth the money. ...
  2. lead wire tip

    in the process of a mini production run for some weighted minnows for a fly swap, i wanted to have all of the lead wire underbody lengths to be the same.

    so i just wrap the wire directly from the spool onto the hook shank and trim the wire to the length i desired.

    after trimming i just unwrapped the lead wire from the hook shank, straightened out the wire and made 2 marks on my tying table. then i cut all the wires to the same length.

  3. The Most Famous Angler in Chinese History, Jiang Tai Gong

    An angler could influence a nation, even for about 3,000 years. Do you believe it?

    When talking about fishing in China, Jiang Tai Gong (also known as Jiang Ziya) is very likely to be the first name that would come to people’s mind. There are always fish willing to be caught by angler Jiang Taigong. Many people know this idiom. To no small extent, he may be rated as the most famous angler in Chinese history.
  4. DRAG system on fly reel

    Two types of drag system could be found on fly reels. One is SPRING&PAWL drag system, and the other DISC DRAG SYSTEM.

    The former drag is a simple cog mechanism. It can alter the pressure applied to the spindle. No big difference between max and minimum drag. S&P drag has an advantage----weighs very little. However stopping power may be a little insufficient to handle a large fish. Given this, S&P drag is designed for small rivers or still waters.

    The latter ...

    Updated 11-10-2016 at 04:07 PM by jpbfly

  5. It Ain't Over Till It's Over;

    In other words we got a warm spell so I made another 191 mile run to fish the big river. Now what I'm gonna do is paint you a picture for your minds eye okay?

    In hindsight I'm editing this entry to warn readers that I may have said some negative things about bead fishing in the text, sorry but what's done is done......

    Now back on topic.

    This is a big river and although this is also Alaska and we all know I should be reeling in huge fish on every cast ...

    Updated 11-16-2016 at 05:48 PM by Ard

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