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  1. Update On The Yard;

    Down the page or on the next page there's a post titled Very Few Kings In, it's full of pictures of me tearing my yard up with a bulldozer. Since the fish didn't show up I had to cancel a couple trips but made use of the time.

    Here's what happened after I roughed in a new grade for drainage. I added three tri-axle loads of top soil and had it hydro seeded. I got a large track steer and used that to spread the dirt and walk everything down then seeded the next day.

  2. Examining Perspectives

    Quite frankly the fishing in 2017 in my part of Alaska has sucked putting it mildly but I'm versatile enough to find enjoyment through other means than punishing some poor fish so..... I've been doing some roving and resurrected my Nikon D80 for some use. Yes, a D80, ancient as it may be possessing but 10 mp resolution I can harken back to when it was 'the camera'. Compared to my cheap point and shoot waterproof cameras it is a world of difference. I have some equally old lens's to compliment the ...
  3. Orvis customer service strikes again

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  4. Fly Tying Step by Step;

    In case you missed this on the open forum here's a copy for posterity

    String Leech / Slider;

    It's been awhile since I did a step by step and I'm making leech flies for some still-water fishing so.........

    This is a tube application and I use both tube liner (HMH brand) and scraps from tying with Pro Tubes.

    To start you need a piece of liner about 3/16" or so.

  5. Getting the boat ready for the next run to Hewitt Lake and beyond;

    Seventy Five Miles each way can wear on a guy especially in foul weather. Last year I was playing with the idea of another boat, this time one with a cab and roof but what I was liking would cost $39,000.00 so I'm resigned to the ATEC.

    In cold and rain I've used a full coverage motorcycle helmet for head and face protection in the past. That works but the combo of cold and wet makes for a visor fogging experience more often than not. For a couple years I have been thinking that if ...
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