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true leader strength

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[QUOTE=Hardyreels;182811]Welcome to the forum,

I use a level 25 pound Maxima leader for King salmon and this is what I have found over the years. ......

Nice new blog. Good luck with it. I understand your thinking about knot strength (and am EXTREMELY JEALOUS OF YOUR TESTING FACILITIES), however sometimes indoor testing can contribute too. The bottom line is that your loop knot is a winner, but your attachment to line is not. Test for yourself. Take a few feet of leader and attache a hook to one end with your loop knot. Make a second loop knot at the other end, and attach it to an actual fly line's looped end with a loop to loop connection. This has the effect of having twice as much monofilament in the double loop as in the single loop that goes through your hook. All this MAY give you an extra few ounces of pull before the giant salmon escapes which doesn't sound like much until you land a giant and wonder "did the last few ounces help?"