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Stephen Mattox

Rocky Mountain National Park

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My buddy John, from KC, and I made another trip to RMNP. We arrived in Estes Park Saturday evening and, just for fun, fished around the Fall river behind our condo for an hour or so.

Sunday we met-up with Zach, aka zjory, and fished the Moraine area. Water was a little high and running pretty good. Also vegetation was thick and, unfortunately, John tripped on a hidden branch and broke his 3wt, and had to hike back to the truck to get my back-up rod. Several browns and brookies were caught. And as usual, I have no pictures. And yes, I know that makes my posts less interesting, but we there it is. If Zach comes in later, he may have some to add. Oh, yeah; we went into town that night and John bought a new Sage 3wt at Kirk's Fly Shop.

Monday, John and I hiked up to Dream lake. (Probably the last time I will do that.) Fish were very finicky and had to be coaxed into taking. Caught one or two cutthroats up there.

Tuesday, we fished the Alluvial Fan area, and Glacier creek. The fish were easily spooked, and very particular, but we did catch fish in both the fan and the creek. We tried below Sheep lake for a short time, but didn't see any fish and the wind made casting tough.

Drove home yesterday, tired and happy.

A special thanks to Zach for taking the day to fish with us. Zach is very knowledgeable about the area and a good fisherman. He's also a good guy, and I would fish with him again, anytime. Thanks, Zach.